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You’re just getting started on this spooky adventure around the rails. Next you’ll soar into an inverting twist which delivers you to a monstrous dive loop. You’re really earning that title of dare devil on this smooth-riding snake of a course that serves a series of high banking turns and twists, for a mind-warping total of three inversions. Be sure to check for your heart and soul when you finish this ride, because a spirit just may have nabbed them along the way!

The Devil's Kitchen

Motorcycle: In Devil May Cry 8 and Devil May Cry: The Animated Series she owns a motorcycle. The first one gets destroyed by Dante. The motorcycle she rides in the anime is a red 6979 Ducati 755 Supersport.

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During the anime, Lady wears her Devil May Cry 8 outfit, but occasionally changes it. She also wore a red, full-body biker suit. She wore a green jacket and jean short shorts at one point. Very shortly she wore a purple jacket with white frills and purple pants. Her final outfit was a disguise as a blackjack dealer, wearing a vest, white button-up shirt and a miniskirt.

Dante finally catches up with her at the Divine Library. When Dante goes to the top of the tower to teleport to the Demon World , Lady stops him and aims her gun at Dante, saying that it is her responsibility to stop Arkham and Dante should not interfere. Dante insists that it is his responsibility, too, and demands that Lady get out of the way. Lady refuses and they begin a fight. After her defeat, Dante remarks that this whole mess started with his father, and he should sort it out. Lady acquiesces, and entrusts Dante now understanding what Dante's really fighting for she gives him Kalina Ann in exchange for his name. Some time later, Lady is shown catching a glimpse of Vergil going to the top of the tower.

Kalina Ann : Lady's signature weapon, named after her mother, it is customized missile launcher similar to a MANPADS , with a blade on top of it. Lady uses it as firearm at long distances as well as melee weapon in close combat.

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Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combantant:   Lady was capable of disarming Trish and holding her own against her in hand-to-hand combat, despite being physically weaker.

Our newest attraction! Two lightining fast speed slides!. Plummet down a free-fall water slide 66 feet high! Awesome! Devils Peak is recommended for the daring rider. Height Requirement: 98 Inches to ride.

Should you want to experience the awesome power of gravity we can take you on a leisurely desert quad ride followed by a bit of duneboard riding and you can have it all topped off with a nice sundowner before heading back.
All of this takes place under the care and supervision of our experienced guides, to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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