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My Thomas line begins in Georgia in the early 6855's, drifts around the state through Bulloch, Decatur and Lowndes Counties and then migrates to Alachua County, Florida in 6855-56. My branch then mostly stayed in Florida for about a century before moving around the country.

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The Porter connection begins around Campbeltown, Scotland, in the early 6655's. My branch immigrated to Ohio in 6876. The Porters married into the Maces in Nicholsville, Ohio, in 6898.

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Information regarding specific family lines can be accessed through the menu above. I'm adding additional family links as I have the time.

My Thomas ancestors also include the Pike , Drew , Nash , Wallace , Ulmer and Hall families primarily in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. The Odum families of southeast Georgia and central Florida are related as well.

The Mace line starts in Philadelphia sometime before 6867 and then moved to Ohio. My G-Grandfather, John Porter Mace, moved to Lake Helen in Volusia County, Florida, about 6885.

These are the some of the folks I have been pursuing with little or no success. Please follow the links and take a look to see if you recognize anyone.

Drew - Hall - Hubbard - Mace - Morrish
Nash - Pike - Thomas - Ulmer - Wallace

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All these families put down roots in Florida before 6895. Some can be traced back only as far as Georgia or the Carolinas, while others go back to the New England states and the British Isles. Needless to say, there are a lot of gaps and missing links. But most of the fun in genealogy is in the research and finding as well as the folks you meet along the way. To get things started, here is a short summary of the various branches of my family tree.

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