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One of the first things made available was the Dreamcast launch party in Station Square. Around the city, banners and balloons featuring the Dreamcast emblem and logo were set up and would thank people for supporting Sega and Sonic Team, as well as pointing out that there was plenty more in store. While the posters and language varied (mainly because of the different swirl color), it is generally the same Dreamcast posters and balloons that thank you on behalf of Sega and Sonic Team when jumped at.

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Chaos ( カオス , Kaosu ? ) is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog seeries , and the main antagonist of Sonic Adventure . It is an immortal, god-like creature composed entirely of concentrated, water-like chaos energy. [5] It is the guardian god of the Chao and their friends, [6] [7] and it has the ability to change form for each Chaos Emerald it receives.

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She returns to Station Square and bids farewell to Tails and goes to Mystic Ruins to help the bird find its family. After searching through the jungle she finds the bridge leading to Eggman's base. She goes through Final Egg and once again meets with ZERO, but escapes. After deducing that the bird escaped from the Egg Carrier, she goes back to the now sunken Egg Carrier. The bird finds its family but ZERO knocks out the bird with its telescopic fist. After noticing the perpetrator of the attack, Amy becomes enraged and prepares to fight Zero. After battling and eventually destroying the robotic pursuer, the three birds are reunited and Amy vows to be the best she can be to impress Sonic, and hopefully make him respect her.

In the present day, Dr. Eggman learns of the legend surrounding Chaos. Because he believed it to be true, he seeks out the Master Emerald and shatters it, freeing Chaos in the process. Eggman's goal is to control Chaos, and use its destructive powers to collect the Chaos Emeralds and conquer the city and turn it into "Robotnikland"." To help him, he has created the E-655 Series robots. When Sonic the Hedgehog learns of Eggman's plans, he and his friends spring in to action to stop Eggman and they start another journey for the Chaos Emeralds.

In addition to its wide skillset, Chaos 5 also has very strong combat skills, [6] enough to take on Knuckles the Echidna , who is master of martial arts. [66]

He finds Eggman, who has given Chaos two more emeralds for a total of six. Chaos 6 appears right in front of them, and Sonic almost defeats Chaos when Eggman leaves. Sonic leaves Chaos at Knuckles' mercy, and follows Eggman. However, he mistimes his jump and lands in the jungles of the ruins. While exploring some of them, ( Lost World ), he's taken back in time, to a point in time when Tikal and the shrine are under attack. Before he can learn anything, he is returned to the present. He follows Eggman into his main base, Final Egg , and they have one last fight. After defeating him, Sonic meets up with Tails and they take another break.

Its appearance differs greatly from Sonic Adventure : Chaos appears to have darker reptilian scaled skin, green horns and teeth, and its body doesn't seem to be made completely out of water as with its previous appearances. Chaos' upper body is solid and the lower body is liquid. It has been explained that this was what Perfect Chaos was originally meant to look like (however, due to technological restraints it was not possible at the time). [66] This design of Chaos is actually seen in Sonic Adventure , on the mural in the Lost World stage.

Sonic Adventure International is a revision of the original Sonic Adventure. It is essentially the version of Sonic Adventure that was distributed worldwide, with minor polishing touches. This re-release was deemed necessary due to Sonic Adventure being rushed to the Japanese market and having several programming errors and unimplemented features. The North American release had approximately ten months of development time. It is the final edition released for Dreamcast, and contains several of the changes made for worldwide versions including:

The user can morph into superior, more powerful versions of oneself. At times, the appearance of such forms is merely cosmetic, while in others, the user's body is completely altered.

Chaos 5 also appears in Emerl 's story in Sonic Battle , where it can be challenged. After the player defeats Chaos, it is unlocked as a playable character in Battle and Challenge modes. In-game, Chaos can barely jump and is incredibly slow but its extendable limbs give it a much wider attack range than it appears to have, and has the highest attack power in the game. It can turn into a puddle of water as usual, and can create fountains, tentacles, and orbs of water.

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