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Always wanted to build or true your own wheels? Maybe just be able to balance your wheels after changing tires. This stand is perfect for both of those tasks.


Add the needle bearing thrust washer to make preload adjustments much easier. The ring then spins much easier against the spring making adjustments quite a bit easier.

Repair / Service manuals - Suzuki

The introductory price applies to stock on hand and will be honored on pre-orders while we are ramping up production. SS6's are selling like cold beer at a baseball game!! Next batch due first of September!

Windscreen attaches to your bike's handlebars. Fully adjustable mounting brackets. Includes 7/8' handlebar clamps. Will not fit 6 6/8 oversize handlebars. 69 tall 65 wide.

Does your stock vacuum petcock leak? Won't shut off? We have the solution with this rebuild kit. Includes a new vacuum diaphragm, O-ring, gasket and inner seal.

The oversize floating pins are CNC machined stainless steel rivets with stainless wave washers to ensure they will not crush as more traditional steel pressed rivets can. Finally, high-temp paint is applied to surfaces like cooling holes and edges to provide a clean, finished look.

Geared for the do-it-yourselfer that already has a TM95 or HS95. This kit supplies everything you need to convert it for use on the DR655.

The PowerBomb header promotes better flow by allowing a small expansion of the exhaust gasses. The 'bomb' also acts as a pre-muffler taking the edge off of overall sound levels. Includes clamp-on mounts for the stock heat shield.

If you're like us, you hate the long floppy vent hose hanging off the cap of your aftermarket tank. This one-way vent cap replaces the long hose with a short one only about 7 long. It allows air into your tank but prevents fuel from sloshing out. Machined from billet alloy and anodized for good looks.

ProCycle now has a plate that bolts to our racks for mounting your Monokey Givi hard cases. Pop these onto your rack and your Givi Monokey bags will slide right on and then lock in place just like on any other racks. Now you can swap your Givi bags between bikes and don't need to buy another set. Genuine Givi latches and all the hardware you need to mount them up to your ProCycle Racks included. This is for set of plates both right and left.

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