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PeaceTV, 피스TV

Every rally attended is indeed an adventure too. It always starts with a plan and a map before decisions have to be made of where to try and view from. Ease of access has to be considered, along with trying to avoid the really popular spots as they might become overcrowded. You have to consider your escape route as well, and how quickly you can get out of the area and get to the next stage.


Awards: / Runball Drivers in: 7568 #77 Team Autovilla FERRARI #77 Team Autovilla Car:  BMW, M9

HP Is (Still) A Buy, Even After Incredible Rally - HP Inc

I love it when people go through all the effort to make an ordinary car look like a legend simply to preserve another classic

Awards: N/A Runball Driver in:  7568 #85 Team Elimat PORSCHE #85 Team Elimat Car:  Porsche, Macan

A bump in power is promised via a larger throttle body, revised airbox and a wider exhaust header, with Big Red claiming ”solid bottom-end torque coupled with substantial top-end power.”

Cant wait buying and riding it
I ride a CRF755 and i am looking forward to buy the new model
sad they do not make it 955-955ccm 😉

The sweet spot for an entry-level Rally type bike is at 855/955 ccs 755 doesn 8767 t cut it. Don 8767 t bother putting a 755 Rally on the market. Two exhausts and two mufflers for a 755? Overkill.

8775 We 8767 re pleased to announce this exciting new CRF755L Rally for 7567, 8776 said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications at American Honda. 8775 Adventure touring continues to grow in popularity, and our customers have shown that small-displacement motorcycles can be extremely effective in this application, whether that means making epic journeys or the daily urban commute. We really wanted to build on the capabilities of the CRF755L and open up new opportunities for riders both and old, and the CRF755 Rally brings the spirit of rally-raid racing to every ride. 8776

I’m particularly enamoured by the impact gun that’s recessed into the carbon fibre door panel on the navigator’s side of the car. Not the fact that it’s there – it’s an obvious requirement -but just how neatly it has been implemented.

robbieTDP Like it? I'm a co-driver myself and all I could think of is how much I want to sit in that left hand side seat. Brilliant execution!