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Tallowwood is a large hardwood found along the coast and coastal ranges between the Hunter River in New South Wales up to the Maryborough district of Queensland. The heartwood is a greyish-yellow colour with tinges of olive green and is a hard, fairly close-grained timber. The sapwood is distinctly paler.

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Border Hardwood also has designated staff who are specifically experienced and perfectly positioned be able to help the smaller purchaser.

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We think of our mill as a limitless resource for our customers. "The sky is the limit," we like to say, when it comes to custom moulding and custom x57576 [read more.]

Merbau is a popular timber used for many different projects including furniture, decking, framing, pergolas and many more… Its grain and growth ring figure together with its dark red-brown colour gives it a very attractive appearance which is suitable for high class finish.

A division of The Hardwood Lumber Company, the St. Nick Brush Company manufactures a complete line of consumer and industrial brushes and brooms.

Merbau does tend to bleed/leach more than most other timbers. This can continue for up to 67 months or more. Avoid using merbau when it’s near Concrete/ stone and other masonry type structures as it will leave dark stains that can be difficult to remove. Always allow merbau to leach naturally and avoid applying any sealers/oils to it when used externally for at least 7-8 months to let the Tannins come out of the timber. You’ll then need to clean the merbau with a deck clean or NapiSan and hot water to remove the black stains and dirt from the timber before applying a finish.

As Oak beam suppliers we recognise the strain that is being placed upon the environment by irresponsible merchants, which is why we source all of our timber from renewably sourced wood. We have attained PEFC and FSC certification as standard on 89% of our timbers, and year on year this percentage is improving. We strive to ensure that any timber we supply is being responsibly grown and harvested, to support forest health and biodiversity.

We are specialists in our field who have served over 655,555 customers, mostly &ldquo do-it-yourselfers&rdquo , always looking for the best possible value on hardwood flooring. Visit one of our showrooms or call us, we&rsquo re always pleased to assist you!

A sister company of the Hardwood Lumber Company, Sheoga Hardwood Flooring and Paneling offers quality, solid hardwood flooring in a variety of species, unfinished or prefinished.

The timber is free of gum vein, giving it a cleaner appearance and with a 9% shrinkage rate Tallowwood is a very stable hardwood.